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Revolutionizing Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Navigate the used car market confidently with ProCarCheck, a revolutionary marketplace for pre-purchase car inspections. Connect with registered checkers worldwide to physically perform pre-purchase car inspections of vehicles for you. Or share your love for cars with the world by registering as a checker, and earn income by conducting pre-purchase car inspections.

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Looking to buy a car? Want someone to do a pre-purchase car inspection? Sign up now to connect with trusted checkers who will do a pre-purchase car inspection for you. Or join as a checker and get paid by helping someone choose their next car - it's really simple!


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Find a checker who will do a pre-purchase car inspection before you buy the car! Search by location or keyword. Filter by price, and availability, or use our custom filters.

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Turn your passion for cars into profit! If you’re looking for an opportunity to change jobs or make some extra on the side, you can register now for free and start earning money today. Help someone out buying their next car while getting paid for it.

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Why ProCarCheck?

Go beyond the VIN report! Our platform lets you hire checkers to inspect and test vehicles for you, at a fraction of the usual cost, before you buy it. Enjoy transparency, security, and deep insights, simplifying your pre-purchase decision-making process.


We offer transparency

ProCarCheck is committed to transparency to empower buyers with comprehensive insights into the real condition of their prospective vehicles, fostering informed decisions and trust in every transaction.


We offer you security

At ProCarCheck, security is key, ensuring protection for both buyers and sellers. When you buy an inspection from one of our car checkers, they'll only receive the payment once you've received all the promised details related to the car that you are interested in.


It also works in your own country!

Tired to drive 3 hours to spend 20min looking at the car? Hire a fellow countryman from ProCarCheck. We also connect buyers with checkers within the same country.


All our payments are processed securely

At ProCarCheck all transactions are securely processed through Stripe, providing you with peace of mind every time you make a payment.

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Simple as 1, 2...3

1. Find a car

Find a car that suits your needs and see its location.

2. Hire one of our checkers

Locate your car's whereabouts using the search bar, connect with nearby checkers and book the inspection.

3. You will receive a detailed report

The checker will provide you with a comprehensive pre-purchase car inspection report of your car, including a series of photos, videos, a personalized evaluation, and even a test drive!

Ensure Your Next Vehicle Purchase is Secure Pre-purchase car inspection

Navigate the used car market confidently with ProCarCheck, revolutionizing the long-distance car buying experience. Connect with registered checkers worldwide to physically do a pre-purchase car inspection for you. Access Pre-purchase used car inspection service globally and even register as a service provider. Our Comprehensive car report services will provide you with the information you need. Our inspections are thorough and easy to understand. They tell you everything, from how well the car works mechanically to how it looks.

Wherever you are in the world, we're here for you.

Find registerd checkers for car inspections globally.