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How ProCarCheck works?

ProCarCheck its a marketplace that will revolutionize the used car market. It offers two perspectives. You can hire someone to see a car for you But it also allows you to register as a service provider, and check a car for someone, charging for your service.

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Are you considering purchasing a car located far from your current location? Do you seek assurance from someone who can inspect the vehicle before you make any financial transactions? Buying a car entails significant responsibility. With ProCarCheck, we provide you with a solution. Utilize our user-friendly search bar to locate checkers near the car's location. Filter checkers based on price, availability, or specific criteria using our custom filters.

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Calling all car enthusiasts! Are you on the lookout for an extra source of income? Join our esteemed network of checkers and kickstart your earnings by providing comprehensive car inspections.

It's simple: create your personalized listing by following our rules

Only the ads that follow these rules will be accepted by our team!

Make sure that you create an attractive ad with the different things that you offer. For example, you can create your checklist, or even offer a free VIN report, and attach it to the zone where you upload all of the pictures and relevant documents.

Also, we provide our checkers with a free checklist to guide them. Download by clicking the button below, and make sure that you take notes of everything!

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