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Rules as service provider

These rules are enforced by us to make sure that you, as a service provider, provide the customer with the best service possible.

If you want to be a service provider, make sure that you create your personalized listing by following these 4 simple rules:

  • Create the listing by selecting the type of inspection (Basic, normal or premium inspection);

  • Make sure that you list what you do (For example: "I take pictures and videos, write a detailed report, measure the paint thickness, and I also include a VIN report);

  • List the area of your service, for example, "I can travel up to 20km of my area of residence". As a service provider, you are free to charge additional fees if the car inspection occurs outside of your area of service;

  • Add the time of delivery, for example, "I usually deliver the report in 3 working days"

Only the ads that follow these rules will be accepted by our team!

Make sure that you create an attractive ad with the different things that you offer. For example, you can create your checklist, or even offer a free VIN report, and attach it to the zone where you upload all of the pictures and relevant documents.

Also, we provide our checkers with a free checklist to guide them. Download by clicking the button below, and make sure that you take notes of everything!

Become a checker with us today!

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